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What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets

A Rich Snippet or Rich Card, is a highly formatted display of content primarily seen at the top search results. When the major search engines read your website, they look for any Structured Data that can be used to create these Rich Snippets to provide a better quality search result for their viewers.

Rich Snippets are highly recommended as a way to boost a website's SEO and overall click-through rate. Adding Structured Data to your website is currently the only way to take advantage of Rich Snippets.

Can I create Rich Snippets myself?

There are 3 primary ways that you could create rich snippet data for the search engines.

1. Write and maintain the code yourself.

2. Pay your web developer thousands of dollars a year to create and maintain your data.

3. Use MediaWorkspace to create and maintain your Rich Snippet Data for as little as $49 per month.

Structured Data

Simply put, computers need your help interpreting what you're saying on your website. Structured Data markup provides an easy way for you to tell the search engines exactly what your business offers.

For example, if you have a blog, you can tell Google® exactly what your article is about with Structured Data. The same goes for websites that sell products, write reviews and promote events.

And that's not all. Google's® recognizes many common data schemas that will fit your specific business model.

The major search engines appreciate those who take the time to meet them half way. It's surprising that less than 15% of the world's websites utilize the awesome SEO boosting power of Structured Data.

Major search engines are hungry for Rich Snippets and Rich Cards. Feed them the Structured Data they crave.

How It Works

Step 1
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Use your Google® account to sign into MediaWorkspace. Upon signing in, you'll automatically activate your free account and have access to the system.

Step 2
Create your Rich data

MediaWorkspace will assist you in creating Rich Snippet structured data for your website. You'll be able to add new rich data records by choosing any one of the available options.

Step 3
Publish to your website

Publish your Rich Snippet structured data by copying the plug-in code from the desktop screen and paste it in the footer of each page of your website. Search engines will read your website and start creating Rich Snippets & Rich Cards.



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* MediaWorkspace currently features 4 structured data types that support:
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